John “Duke” Schneider

Duke SchneiderJOHN “DUKE” SCHNEIDER is a 1960 graduate of West Point Military Academy. After serving as an Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer in Germany and California, he received his law degree from Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law in 1968.

He has maintained a general practice of law in Milford, Pennsylvania since his admission to the bar. Over the last several decades he has concentrated his practice in the area of estate planning and the enhancement and development of real property.

He is a founding member of National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and is designated an Accredited Estate Planner through the National Association of Estate Planning Councils.

As part of his estate planning practice he has specialized in the area of Revocable Living Trust estate planning for numerous clients as well as other sophisticated wealth generation and preservation techniques.

He is a contributing author along with his son, Duke Schneider, of two estate planning books, “Legacy: Plan, Protect and Preserve Your Estate” and “Generations: Planning Your Legacy”.

He has been a principal in the development of numerous real estate projects in various states including campgrounds, commercial developments, residential subdivisions and resort hotels. He has assisted numerous real estate developer clients and individuals in their enhancement of their real estate properties, including conservation easements and land preservation.

He has had numerous successes in the area of representing landowners in eminent domain cases obtaining substantial awards over initial government offers in condemnation cases.

Mr. Schneider has been counsel to various non-profit organizations and has been an organizer and supporter of local involvement such as the Black Bear Film Festival, the Milford Music Festival and the Milford Enhancement Committee, part of the Milford Historic Trust.

He is a past president of the Pike County Bar Association, past president of the Milford Lions Club, a sixteen year member of the Pike County Planning Commission, and past president and founding member of the Pike County Industrial Development Corporatio.

John “Duke” Schneider has also contributed to two books on the subject of legacy and estate planning along with his son, John J. Schneider.

Legacy: Plan, Protect and Preserve Your Estate

“We believe that individual estate planning that incorporates planning for social capital is essential to a healthy democratic society. Everyone should have the freedom to contribute to society in a meaningful way, and that means having the ability to direct one’s contribution and see tangible results. Creative estate planning gives that power to virtually every citizen. We conduct seminars and work with national organizations to transform estate planning from merely “planning to pay taxes” into a visionary, empowering process that enriches family and community.”


Generations: Planning Your Legacy

“We believe it is important to talk to our clients on a human level, in plain English, to make understanding all the easier. Our task is to assume the role of educator and counselor, by presenting the best strategies to achieve the client’s goal and then assisting the client in weighing all the options while allowing the client to rely on his or her own wisdom and experience to make reasoned and educated decisions. We believe attorneys need to get out from behind their desks and join their clients at a conference table, on a couch, or even at a kitchen table in earnest conversation about family values. Only then does the planning process transcend the dry mechanics of traditional estate planning and become a living process which embodies the values, aspirations, and dreams unique to each family.”

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