Power of Attorney

The validity of Powers of Attorney (POA) is increasingly being questioned. The DeHass Estate, a 2011 Orphan’s Court Case, puts everyone on notice that a POA should be signed only after legal consultation. The Court found that husband, who made a POA naming his wife as agent with the power to make gifts, lacked capacity […]

Health Care Power

In re DLH, a 2010 3rd Circuit case, the Court determined that a guardian cannot refuse life-sustaining treatment on behalf of a 50 year old life long incompetent who suffered aspiration pneumonia and required the ventilator to breathe. Pennsylvania Probate Estates Fiduciary Code mandates medical care where an incompetent patient is not in an end-stage […]

New Website

Welcome to the new online home for Attorneys John ‘Duke’ Schneider and Lara Anne Dodsworth. We have outlined our practice here for your convenience, so please feel free to reference this site for information on our services, experience and news. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to […]