When you need someone to listen, to stand up for you – when you need proven legal experience from Wills to Condemnation – the Team of Schneider and Dodsworth are here for you with integrity, experience, outstanding professional service, and common sense solutions. Both Attorney Schneider and Attorney Dodsworth have built their reputation and practice by providing high quality and personal legal representation and concentrating on one goal – to serve the best interests of their clients.

When it comes to legal assistance the experience and service of Schneider and Dodsworth is second to none. — John “Duke” Schneider and Lara Anne Dodsworth.




It is said that the four human needs are to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a lasting legacy.

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Living Trusts

We rely on living trusts as the centerpiece of many of its estate plans. Beyond these devices, the firm also has expertise in implementing family limited partnerships, various charitable trust arrangements, other irrevocable trust devices, as well as wills, powers of attorney, community property agreement, and the like.

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Would you let someone else tell you how to spend your hard earned money? Let your choice be heard upon your death by planning in advance. Make a will stating your choice as to who will receive your assets, who will collect monies owed to you on your behalf, pay your final expenses and make sure that your choice is carried out.

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Powers of Attorney

Every person over the age of 18 should have at the very least the basic estate planning which includes: 1) Will 2) Financial Power and 3) Health Care Power.

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Special Needs & Elder Care

Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy or those about to die. For many persons with disabilities, losing eligibility for benefits is not an option. Persons with physical or mental disabilities often rely on public benefits to pay or supplement the cost of attendant care, medical care, wheelchairs, and rehabilitation. Public benefits may also provide for other basics such as food, clothing, and shelter. Historically, families resorted to the very unsatisfactory arrangement of either disinheriting the disabled person or leaving the disabled child´s share to siblings to avoid losing benefits. A much better solution is the special needs trust.

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Real Estate

Our Real Estate services is anchored by John “Duke” Schneider with both commercial and residential real estate experience. A diverse and sophisticated practice with a broad base of experience, our attorneys meet clients’ needs in relation to acquisitions, development, construction, financing, ownership, management, leasing, and dispositions of various types of commercial and residential real estate.

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When the government takes your property through eminent domain, you are entitled to just compensation for what you have lost. While you may not be able to stop a condemnation, an experienced eminent domain lawyer can make sure you receive the proper compensation for your damages resulting from the taking of your property.

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