Protecting Your Right to Just Compensation

Eminent domain poses unique challenges for anyone who faces it. John “Duke” Schneider, Esq., counsel to Weinstein, Kannebecker and Lokuta and general partner at Schneider and Dodsworth Law has handled over 50 condemnation cases in both State and Federal courts. He is an expert in the law of protecting the rights of individuals and businesses who face condemnation of their property throughout the tri-state area. In all cases, he has represented landowners who felt they were unfairly compensated by a condemning authority. He utilizes expert planners, engineers and appraisers to maximize the final resolution. In many instances he has received over 2 to 3 times the amount the condemning authority has offered.

Additionally, Attorney Schneider will handle all the paperwork required to recover the payment from the government to which you are entitled. Attorney Schneider will protect your rights and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, taking your claim before a judge if necessary.

Schneider and Dodsworth take swift action to protect your rights and make sure you obtain just compensation for your property. Working in close consultation with you, Attorney Schneider will:

  • File a claim against the government
  • Have your property appraised by independent appraisers
  • Consult with other real estate and engineering experts if necessary
  • Negotiate a settlement of your claim whenever possible
  • Represent your interests in court and on appeal if necessary

Attorney John “Duke” Schneider will continue to protect your property rights all the way through the appeals process, if necessary. With this unique experience, he is prepared to answer your eminent domain questions and maximize your compensation.